The Grammy award winning act, Burna Boy, has always been a notorious figure on popular social media platform, Twitter. Today isn’t any different, as he accessed his Twitter account (@burnaboy), which is usually controlled by his management.


Burna Boy made a couple of tweets which left users on the platform talking on and on about him. Most of the Twitter users read and gave maybe their own meanings to his usual arrogant and somewhat controversial tweets. Some made trolls, some were critical of some specific tweets.


With just a couple of tweets out there, Burna Boy has been the trend of the day.

In one of the tweets highlighted below, which he deleted not long after. He quoted a fan, who asked when we should be expecting a new album this year, implying that his album would be released same date as his last one.


His last album “Twice As Tall” was released August, 2020. His deleted tweet suggest that we should expect a new album by August this year !

In another tweet made in the same heat, Burna Boy seemed to be purposely misquoted by Twitter clout chasers. They said he was underrating Buju, who is signed under his management, because of a statement Burna Boy made on his Twitter page this afternoon.


He tweeted, “I dey pray for just one young nigga wey get my spirit make I hand over give am. I know say God go lead me to am soon”.

Twitter users, seeing this statement, expect that Burna Boy should have recognized his own protege already in Buju. Therefore, thy backlashed at him.

In a previous tweet, Burna Boy had no hesitation in his usual and steady self accolades and appraisal.

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