The Canine Club of Imo (CCI) today being 4 December, 2021 had a costume walk of dogs, of which so many dogs turned out in their different costumes and trust me if you didn’t attend this you really missed a lot.

The walk which was scheduled to start from 7am on this very day from the FSP park at Wetheral, kicked off As planned with so many dogs in the park by 9 o’clock am the dogs were set to leave and the walk which lasted about 45mins to government college Owerri was a beautiful one.

The event was graced with the presence of representatives from Kennel Club of Rivers (KCR) and Bayelsa state Kennel Club and yours faithfully :).

Talks from our well enlightened vet doctors Dr OZ (OZ Vet) and Dr Sly (Slyvan Vet) on how to go about our fury friends and also Awards were given to the best dressed dogs of the day.


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